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Synthetic Society

Jul 30, 2021

Should we treat characters in games the same way we treat real people? Is it ethical to run over someone over in Grand Theft Auto? And what about us, does it say something about our moral character if we spend all day in our underwear playing games?

This week Tom Ascott speaks to Sebastian Ostritsch, Assistant...

Jul 23, 2021

What would a world look like if it was made by AI?

This week Mitchell Baxter, Director at Lazy Monday Games, explains how AI helps in designing video games. He and host Tom Ascott talk about where the technology is now, the challenges in balancing unique and bespoke art with generative assets, and the assistance that...

Jul 16, 2021

This week Tom Ascott speaks to Jacob Williamson about the business of AI.

The pair talk through the emerging markets for AI in different fields, boutique uses for AI, and if the market for AI is overheating!


Jul 2, 2021

This week Tom Ascott talks with Kate Devlin a Senior Lecturer in Social and Cultural Artificial Intelligence at King's College London and author of Turned On.

The pair discusses the ethics and morality around sex robots and they touch on artificial intimacy, algorithmic attraction, and tackles the thorny question of...