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Synthetic Society

Jun 25, 2021

Platforms could replace their metrics based on engagement and growth with metrics based on happiness, community strength and wellbeing. In this episode, Tom Ascott talks to Christine Jakobson, a tech ethics researcher, and consultant, about how platforms can respond to the growing issues of disinformation and online...

Jun 18, 2021

Islamophobia has been wielded as a weapon to draw support from right wing actors as well as to disenfranchise Muslim populations.

In this episode Zahed Amanullah, a Resident Senior Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, explains how Islamophobia has been refined, amplified and duplicated into a process that is...

Jun 11, 2021

It’s taken us ten weeks but it’s finally time to address the elephant in the room: cryptocurrency!

This week Erica Stanford, founder of the Crypto Curry Club and author ‘Crypto Wars: Faked Deaths, Missing Billions and Industry Disruption’, talks Tom Ascott through everything crypto. 

The episode starts with...

Jun 4, 2021

The internet has been a platform for creating new tools and engaging platforms. But these innovations are also being used by those who would seek to perpetrate violence against women.

In this episode Vaibhav Sahgal, a Senior Manager at The Economist Intelligence Unit, explains the problems that women face online and...